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We’re the social tech that humanizes the internet by connecting users, instructors, and social projects in an ecosystem where everyone can learn, fix things, and teach.

The demand for “Do it Yourself” tutorials is growing exponentially, so is the supply of specialized workers in these activities.

People often overlook the Care Economy*, which is why they can’t see this sector’s massive potential, which is exactly what Olhi wants to change.

Our app connects those who want to learn or fix things with those who know how to teach, valuing the knowledge of those who take care of the household every day.

At Olhi, you will find what you’re looking for, in a marketplace full of affection and super intelligent specialized assistance.

Just type what you need, and our machine learning and matchmaking tools will take care of the rest and connect you with those who know how to solve it through a video call.

While you work on it together, you get the full attention you deserve and create an opportunity for those who need it.

* The Care Economy involves all the skills and knowledge to survival, well-being, education of people, and maintenance of the household and their environment.

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Why not commercialize knowledge making life easier and caring for others?

There is nothing natural about being a housewife, since at least twenty years of socialization and training are required

(Federici, 1975)

Women dedicate 4 hours and 25 minutes daily to unpaid care activities, while the average for men is 1 hour and 25 minutes

(ActionAid, 2021)

The Care Economy adds $10.8 trillion to the global economy annually

(Oxfam, 2020)

We invite you to look with us at the invisible work of women and recognize the intrinsic value of the Care Economy for the sustainability of life and the planet.

We are a social impact business that operates following the United Nations Global Compact Principles and ESG criteria, working to include women and diversity in the labor market.

We contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil by promoting gender equality, providing decent work, promoting economic growth, creating opportunities to end poverty, and reducing social inequalities.


No Poverty

Gender Equality

Reduced Inequalities

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our Team

Olhi has a strong team with skills and knowledge that complement themselves. Everyone is committed to changing the Brazilian economy and standing against inequality.

Stefanie Schmitt


Julie Maciel


Felipe Moreira


Gustavo Camilo


Juliana Amaral

Head of Human Develop.

Do you want to change society with us?

Olhi is a Social Technology that values invisible work. It creates opportunities while fighting inequalities. And we will only be able to change with your help…

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