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Fix Things


You don’t need to struggle when you have to fix something you don’t know how or if you can’t afford someone to fix that for you. There are many professionals out there who want to help you!

Your time is your most valuable asset. Don’t waste it spending hours browsing all over the internet for a perfect teacher. Use our app and ask someone who knows the answer directly to help you solve the problem quickly.

How Does It Work?

We developed a complete ecosystem that helps people find solutions to daily activities by connecting them with people who can help through an app powered by artificial intelligence.

Do you want to fix something specific? This is how it works:



Download Olhi on your smartphone and create an account to tell us what you need.



On the homepage or by clicking on the magnifier button on the menu at the bottom, you’ll be able to select the category you are interested in and have access to the list of specialists available to help you.



After selecting the specialist who you feel fits your needs, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment to get started on your next project.



Your appointment will be held via video call, where the specialist will answer all your questions for you to learn more about your specific subject and achieve the autonomy you deserve.


E reconhece quem ajuda!

Ao solucionar seu problema e reconhecer o tempo e a dedicação de quem ensina, você cria novas possibilidades e traz visibilidade para o trabalho do cuidado.

Learn, Fix, and Teach Without Leaving Home

Estamos em período de testes (beta) mas você pode ter acesso antes de todo mundo. 😉

    Você quer aprender, consertar ou ensinar?